Kinnic Falls Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services Inc.


Sober House
The program is designed for males, 18 and over, seeking recovery from alcohol and chemical dependency that have completed treatment at primary care centers and desire supportive rehabilitation services to achieve long-term sobriety.
Kinnic Falls is located in River Falls – a rural, university town of approximately 15,000 people in west-central Wisconsin. The facility can be found in a residential neighborhood adjacent to the 6,000-student university. The Twin Cities of St. Paul-Minneapolis are a short drive away (30 – 40miles) and are easily accessible via four-lane highways.
We welcome and treat clients who have co-occurring mental disorders along with drug and alcohol addiction issues.
Cost of care is the responsibility of the client, but may be arranged through county agencies in Minnesota and Wisconsin, Minnesota PMAPs, private insurance, employee assistance programs, or self-payment.
Programs are generally 90 days with the possibility of an optional extension of six months in a nearby Sober House facility owned by Kinnic Falls.
All meals are provided during your stay with us.
Kinnic Falls centers its program on the principles of the Disease Model of addiction. We encourage involvement with Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotic Anonymous and/or Health Realization groups that has an emphasis on personal honesty and responsibility.
Guest visits are permitted from 8am – 10pm daily, except during group times.
Personal cell phones, tablets, and e-readers are permitted in designated areas. Personal TVs/DVD Players are not permitted. Kinnic Falls does supply Wi-Fi access.
Residents are encouraged to obtain employment during their stay at the facility but this must be discussed and approved by the counseling staff. Such employment can only be 1st shift employment. You must have two forms of identification with you to apply for employment through most employment agencies.
A new resident must use the” buddy system” for the first seven days at Kinnic Falls. The new resident is not to leave the campus during this time unless accompanied by a “buddy” who has been on the campus for at least seven days. Residents are then allowed to leave the premises as they wish, however they will be expected to attend all group meetings unless a rare preapproved absence has been determined by staff. Curfew is at 12:00 A.M. (Midnight) every evening.
There is to be NO drinking or drug use either on or off the premises. Residents will be required to submit to drug screening procedures during their participation in our program.
Prescribed medications are to be discussed at the time of admission with the counseling staff.
Kinnic Falls observes the Wisconsin Clean Air Act and smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building, including chewing tobacco and electronic smoking devices. Smoking is allowed outside in designated areas only.
A resident may have one vehicle (in working condition) on the premises. Residents must be insured and legally licensed, and abide by Wisconsin State Laws. Bike racks are provided on the premises for client bicycles. You must keep it locked when not in use.
Radios/sound systems are to be played at reasonable sound levels and must be turned off by 10:00 P.M. Earbuds are allowed in resident rooms or outside. They are not permitted while in a group or walking through the building.