Kinnic Falls Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services Inc.


Sober House

To provide a caring environment with structure and self-discipline for continued recovery when a client is most vulnerable to relapse.


That’s the purpose behind Kinnic Falls, and total recovery is the goal. Too often, in early recovery, some try to focus on a single problem such as resolving a legal difficulty, repairing a marriage or relationship, or finding a job.

While Kinnic Falls does provide assistance, guidance and counseling to resolve specific difficulties, the primary emphasis is to assist the clients in establishing their own personal recovery programs. The program is simple and straight-forward. Our relapse prevention specialists know that relapse is a process marked by predictable and identifiable warning signs. The Kinnic Falls staff teach and support the clients to recognize and manage the warning signs. In addition, Kinnic Falls provides a structured and caring environment to help one cope and effectively deal with life in sobriety.

The pain of relapse is well known. Many chemically dependent individuals and their loved ones have experienced it. But the miracle of recovery is a gift well worth the extraordinary lengths required to accomplish that life-changing goal.

Organizational Purpose

Kinnic Falls Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services, Inc. has been a private, non-profit corporation since 1972 and is licensed in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The facility is regulated by the Health and Family Services Department of the State of Wisconsin. Its purpose is to educate persons who are chemically dependent and have a desire to stay sober. The facility accomplishes this through a Halfway House residential extended care program including assessments and group and individual counseling. Programs are generally 90 days with an optional extension of six months in a nearby Sober House facility owned by Kinnic Falls. The facility’s mission is to provide care and a safe place for persons to recover at their own pace, using cutting edge techniques and proven therapeutic programming, community involvement through employment, volunteer services and 12-step recovery programs. The Halfway House is licensed for 52 beds and serves 250 clients annually.