Kinnic Falls Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services Inc.


Sober House

Personalized Recovery

TreatmentOur program is designed for individuals seeking recovery from alcohol and chemical dependency who have completed treatment at primary care centers and desire supportive rehabilitation services to achieve long-term sobriety. Caring, certified counselors guide clients through a personalized recovery program that includes assessments, individual counseling and group counseling in a safe, structured environment.

Sustained Recovery

Sustained RecoveryKinnic Falls centers its program on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous with an emphasis on personal honesty and responsibility. Comprehensive counseling includes individual and group therapy as well as assistance with psychological, spiritual, vocational and educational issues. Guidance with concerns such as relationship-building, homelessness and multiple addictions is offered while concentrating on sustained recovery during this stage when clients are vulnerable to relapse. We welcome and treat clients who have co-occurring mental disorders.